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Karlien Seegers has worked with Bird as a Wardrobe Mistress/Stylist on both TV commercials and stills jobs since 2014.

We consider Karlien as the go-to wardrobe stylist for our jobs and to satisfy the demands of our international clients. 

Apart from an impeccable eye for style and a willingness to go the extra mile, Karlien has the soft-skills to handle hard to please directors, fussy agency and clients. She also has the ability to instil a sense of confidence in the on-camera talent for a great performance. Those are skills you can’t see in a portfolio or CV

I would not hesitate to recommend Karlien personally or professionally

Alan J Lawson

Executive Producer

Bird Film

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"Hire Karlien"

I've worked with Karlien for many years and its always a pleasure.

She's enthusiastic, intuitive and highly professional.

Karlien has a can do, lets make a plan attitude combined with a wicked sense of humour and sophistication.

Highly recommend her for any team.

Liam Johnson

Executive Producer

The Robot

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Karlien has been an asset to our sets over the years. She has served the wardrobe department exceptionally on numerous shows we have filmed.

Karlien always has a clear understanding of the director's needs. Her adeptness and eye for detail means the department runs smoothly and quickly which is pivotal for our fast paced drama productions.

Karlien is reliable and I highly recommend her.

Deryck Broom

Executive Producer

Trilogy Creative Studios

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Just a friendly note to say that I really appreciated your input and patience for the job we just did for Euromillions.

In the middle of a project like this, with big expectations from client’s side (and from my side too of course), things can become pretty stressful, but I think you managed very well !

Everything looked great. Really well done. 5 stars!

So, a big thank you from my side!

Jeroen Mol


CZAR Belgium

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